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AP Stamp Duty

This is a State Government tax assessed on the selling price of the property. Each state has different rules and calcuations. Purchaser has to pay stamp duty on sale deeds. In the case of exchanges, both the parties have to pay duty in equal shares. In leases it is payable by lessee. In partitions it is payable by the parties in proportion to their respective shares. In all other cases, the duty is generally payable by the executant's of the document.


Sl. No. Nature of Document Stamp Duty Rates for Andhra Pradesh Transfer Duty Registration Fee.
1. Sale Deeds (a) Corporations 8% 5% 1% up to Rs.50000 & 0.5% thereafter
(b) Special Grade & Selection Grade municipalities 7% 5% Do
(c)Other areas 6% 5% Do
(d) Apartments in all Municipal areas and the areas covered by the UDA As noted below 5% Do
(i) Where the value does not exceed Rs.2 lakhs Rs.12,000. 5% DO
(ii) Where it exceeds Rs.2 lakhs, But does not exceed Rs.3.5 lakhs Rs.12,000+4% on the value above Rs.2 lakhs. 5% DO
(iii) Where it exceeds Rs.3.5 lakhs, but does not exceed Rs.7 lakhs (Rs.18,000+6% on the value above Rs.3.5 lakhs. 5% DO
(iv) Where it exceeds Rs.7 lakhs Rs.39,000+8% on the value above Rs.7 lakhs. 5% DO
2. Sale Agreement with Possession.
(a) Corporation 8% Nil Do
(b) Special & Selection Grade Municipalities 7% Nil Do
© Other areas 6% Nil Do
3. Sale agreement with possession (irrespective of location of property 5% Nil Do
4. Agreement for development/construction 5% Nil Do
5. Mortgage with possession 5% 5% Do
6. Mortgage without possession 3% Nil Do
7. Mortgages executed the employees of the State Govt./Central Govt. in favour of the Governor/the President for HBA purposes. Nil Nil Rs.25
8. Gift. 5% Rs.5 Do
9. Settlement in favour of
(a) Family members 3% Nil Do
(b) Others 6% Nil Do
10. Settlement for religious or charitable purposes. 3% Nil Do
11. Settlement for religious or charitable purposes. Partition. 3% on the value of separated share Nil 1% up to Rs.50000 and 0.5% thereafter.
12. Exchange 5% 5% Do
13. Release 3% Nil Do
14. Lease deeds
(a) Without premium or advance in addition to the rent for
(i) Less than one year 3% on the total rent Nil Do
(ii) 1 year to 5 years 3% on average annual rent. Nil Do
(iii) 5 years to 10 years 5% on average annual rent. Nil Do
(viii) In perpetuity 5% on twice the AAR Nil Do
(b) With premium or advance and no rent.
(c) With premium or advance in addition to the rent.
15. Power of Attorney for sale or constructions or development. 5% on the value of the property or the cost of constructions or development Nil Rs. 20
16. Power of Attorney for other purposes. 50 Nil Rs. 20
17. Special Power of Attorney Rs.20 Nil Rs. 20